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— What is a chatbot?
A chatbot is a program that is capable of asking questions, recognizing answers, receiving and processing data, making decisions and performing the necessary actions.
— What are chat bots for?

Chatbots are needed to automate your business.The program can do what people cannot do:contact each site visitor, be in touch 24/7, respond to requests instantly.

The chatbot frees a person from routine work, saves time and increases the efficiency of employees.

You urgently need a chatbot if:

You work in a highly competitive field and it is important for you to react instantly.
You have many similar calls to managers: clients ask about opening hours, pricing, conditions, product availability, and ask questions about technical support.
You want to build a reputation for being an advanced and modern business.
Clients come to you day and night, and managers are not ready to work around the clock.

Improve your marketing
and get more satisfied customers

How to increase website conversion?
How to find out what customers want?
How to choose a working one from a large number of ideas?
Who comes to the site? What for? How to sell them more?
How to qualify leads automatically?
How to install conversion goals script without a programmer?



Create bot logic, adjust your sales funnel without programming

Learn more about your customers: collect information from analytics and chat, save data in CRM, analyze it and use it for more effective marketing. Automate surveys, statistics collection, lead marketing qualifications. Experiment with your bot and flexible triggers. Use a convenient visual interface - you don't have to contact a programmer. Set up conversion goals in one click. Generate reports, view all important indicators in your personal account.

Stay connected, be closer
to your customers with АКТОК

Research findings on the effectiveness of chatbots for businesses speak for themselves


“— consumers are ready to buy a product through a chatbot.”



“— are more likely to buy from a business they can send a message to.”



“— of users would rather write to chat than call on the phone.”



“— of consumers do not care whether they communicated with a bot or an operator if they quickly received their answer.”


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Improve your marketing and get more satisfied customers

How to get already hot leads?
How to improve your efficiency? How to sell more?
How to serve customers faster?
How to collect more information about the customer before the first contact?
How to spend less time on the same type of customer questions?
Who to talk to? Who is more likely to buy?


Sales Manager

АKTOK loves your
clients and it is mutual

A smart bot works for you while you work with other clients or relax

You now have an assistant! Aktok will take care of all routine customer service tasks and prepare a progress report. The virtual assistant instantly responds to user requests according to a given scenario, finds information in the database in seconds. The system itself will communicate with site visitors, ask all the same type of questions, answer objections, collect contact information, and offer to fill out a brief. The virtual assistant will prioritize leads and, if necessary, connect you to the dialogue. Even before the first contact, the bot will interrogate the client and provide you with all available information about him. The system will also send you a notification if an important client has entered the site so that you can track his actions and chat with him personally.

Smart system works at all stages of customer service

for effective sales

Examples of trigger conditions
If the user is exploring the site, but hesitates to buy, the bot will send him a special offer.
Information about all users obtained from the chat is stored in the system and is always ready for use.
The bot will help visitors if they do not understand something on the site: how to pay, where to read reviews, see the composition, how to enter your personal account.
The program identifies a user who is interested in your offer and the bot sends him an offer and requests contacts.
A smart bot sells directly on the website, upsales and cross-sells, and increases your average check.
The bot will ask the users of your site for everything you want to know about them.
An example of a bot's
reaction on a website

Improve Your Marketing
and get more satisfied customers

Improve your business performance with automation and artificial intelligence

What are the opportunities for my business to grow?
How to help employees work more efficiently?
How to sell more? How to reduce costs?
How to effectively invest your marketing budget?
How to Choose a Reliable Multifunctional Marketing Service?
How to look like an innovator? How to speed up business processes?



Serve your customers better, reduce costs, sell more and faster

Automate marketing and sales with artificial intelligence and smarter analytics. The smart bot instantly answers questions in the chat, without days off or holidays. He does not need to pay his salary every month, it is enough to simply subscribe and customize the system to the goals of your company. Your managers no longer have to spend time on tasks of the same type, they can switch to more complex work, and their productivity will increase. Our service works at all levels of the business, transfers tasks between the bot and specialists, prepares reports for the manager.

Use АКТОК - side with the strongest

Check out research data on the importance of chatbots and artificial intelligence to the global economy.


“— of top companies use artificial intelligence for their marketing.”



“— on that much chatbots can reduce customer service costs.”



“— of executives say they can concentrate better on complex and creative tasks by using a chatbot.”



“— of customer interactions by 2022 will use technologies such as machine learning, chatbots and mobile marketing.”


Don't have time to set up a bot yourself? Delegate this to us.

We will take care of your bot while you work on your business


We will conduct an audit of your business, define your tasks and the next steps of development.


We will offer a solution, agree and approve all the details together with you.


We adapt all processes to your needs and integrate AKTOK into your business.


We will train a smart bot to work with your clients.


We will teach your employees how to use the service, set up access.


We will provide support at all stages of cooperation

АКТОК - is not just a chatbot

Online chat  on the site

Answer your customers' questions directly on the site. Remove objections, help with choices, make sales. Get more information about your customers and use it for effective marketing.

Virtual assistant 24/7

The smart bot will answer the standard questions of your website visitors and, if necessary, connect the operator to the dialogue. It will reduce the waiting time for a response, smooth out the negativity of users, and increase the efficiency of the customer support department.

Built-in web analytics system

View all analytical indicators using a convenient control panel, track customer actions on the site in real time. The data from the chat is marked and uploaded to the system automatically.

Artificial Intelligence

Thanks to natural speech recognition technology, our bot understands simple questions from users, and its answers are as close as possible to human ones. It helps your clients to resolve their issues quickly and independently, and also saves your employees time.

Bot visual editor

A simple and intuitive interface allows you to create complex algorithms for bot actions without code. Create different scenarios depending on the available data for each specific user. Customize any logic, test, fix bugs - you don't have to program.

Mobile version

View incoming messages, change settings, control the team, answer customer questions throughout the day from any device. Receive push notifications about incoming questions directly to your phone.

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