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Communication platformfor your business

AI-empowered chat-bots on your website

  • collect customer data
  • answer standard questions
  • qualify leads
  • reduce routine tasks
  • automate business processes
  • online 24/7
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Automate your communication
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Automate your communication
with customers

AKTOK communicational platform is a powerful marketing instrument for automating your customer service, lead generation and sales. Communicate to your website visitors using a convenient widget, train your bot, set up complex logic without coding skills, observe statistics in your account and make correct business decisions.

convenient tool for clients communication

Earn more with AKTOK

sell more

sell more

Chatbot tells your website visitors about discounts and special offers, gives information about your company, helps to select items from catalog.
serve customers faster

serve customers faster

Virtual assistant answers users' questions instantly, it's available 24/7 and able to have many dialogues simultaneously.
reduce costs

reduce costs

Setting up a chat once and for all is much cheaper, and more efficient than training an entire staff of managers. Our chatbot works 24/7 with zero days off, even on holidays!
increase staff efficiency

increase staff efficiency

AI-empowered digital assistant saves managers from routine work and exempts their time for ambitious tasks.
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Powerful tools for efficient work

Easy to stay in touch with clients

Website chat with a smart chatbot

chat with smart chatbot

Do you know what your customers look for on your website? Can they find everything they need? Get answers to these and other questions about your company using online chat. Be in touch when your clients need you. Communicate and control all the processes using our convenient interface for website visitors, operators and managers.

chat with smart chatbot
Optimized for smartphones and tabletsOptimized for smartphones and tabletsOptimized for smartphones and tablets
Relieve managers of routine tasks

Your virtual assistant 24/7

Working day is over and there's no one to serve the customers? Digital assistant works 24/7, no days off, even on holidays! It answers standard questions on the website and, if necessary, connects the operator to the dialogue. Chatbot reduces response times, increases customer satisfaction, increases the effectiveness of customer support teams/departments.

Artificial intelligenceArtificial Intelligence
Understands your clients' messages

Artificial intelligence

Are you using artificial intelligence for your business automation? Due to Natural Speech Understanding technology, our bot perceives simple users' questions, and its answers are close to human's. This helps users to solve their problems fast and 24/7, and also saves the time of the employees involved.

Aktok chatbot Logo Learn more about benefits of AI for your businessAI for your business
Wide personalization options

Flexible trigger settings

How to hook a client on the website? Why has this particular person come to you? Make the segmentation of each visitor depending on location, type of device used, behavior on the website, visit history. Contact them personally: ask a question, offer to fill in a questionnaire, remind them of the items they have left unpaid in the basket. Set up complex logic without programming skills required.

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followed a hot search query
1-st time on the website
viewing depths >5 screens
time on the website >10 minutes
clicked on the website >5 times
went to the "Catalog"
>5 times on the website
seen >3 products
reached the screen "Pricing"
scrolled the page till the end
watched video >30 seconds
added min 1 item to the cart
Wide personalization options

Flexible trigger settings

Coding-free algorithms

Visual bot editor

To create a bot you don't need to be a programmer.

Simple logic is enough.

Set up any processes in a convenient visual bot editor.

Ready client data strategy

Data collection and web-analytics

Do you want to know more about your potential clients right now? Track the actions of each website user in real time. Use all the data from the chat. View all the important indicators on a control panel and apply them for more efficient client service. Get tagged data automatically.

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Access to the system from any device

Optimized for smartphones and tablets

A lot away from your laptop but want to stay in touch? Receive push-notifications of your customers' questions straight on your phone. View inbox, change the settings, control the team, answer your clients' questions during the day from any device.

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Quick customization

System adaptation to all your requirements

Ready-made services don't fit your tasks? We'll build a solution for your business on our platform and integrate it seamlessly to your existing infrastructure. We'll create and set up virtual assistants, train your staff, develop the missing custom software solutions.

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