All-in-one Automation Platform: AI Chatbot,
Live Chat, CRM & more

Reasonable price, modern design, innovative technologies: web-site assistants for lead generation, marketing, sales, and customer support.

Building unique customer experiences via personalized communication

Aggregating data about your customers from various data points

Lead generation and conversion stimulation, outbound campaigns

Synchronizing sales and marketing teams

Cross-channel synced (re)marketing campaigns, heat-up campaigns

Building automated customer (self-)service, onboarding, support

With Aktok`s AI chatbots,
Live Chat, and Other Tools,
Create a great user journey

CJMs and other productive tools

Built-in сustomer data collection and analytics system

Start a big business journey.
Find out who actually your
customers are

Audience management for cross-channel ad campaigns

Automated outbound campaigns tools

Find a smooth way
to your clients' hearts



Remember all your clients by
name! And by ROI

Free live chat for your website

AI ⚡chatbots for websites, SMS, FB Messenger

Answer to your clients 24/7
with very little effort

Automation core
For All Your Needs


Leadgen pipelinesAutomated messaging according to the lead's stageMulti-channel Ads and audiences’ managementHeat up and other campaigns, email marketingIntegrations with Google Ads, Facebook Ads


Flexible CRMLots of automationsLead qualification, questionnairesConvenient notifications and updatesNecessary info about clients

Client Services

Digital onboardingZero seconds of waiting for your clients 24/7 with chatbotsComprehensive data about clients with a history of cooperation

Support Teams

Aggregation of requests from different channelsQueue of requests and their allocationOne space for the whole team

Aktok is understandable and easy-to-use.

Aktok is customized for your requirements and workflows.

Let Aktok make data out of chaos and drive you
to your goals

Increase revenue & Grow your business with
AI Chatbot

Significant growth of lead generation & sales

45% of an increase in qualified leads with marketing automation tools.
Platforms can help increase sales by up to 29%, sales productivity by up to 34% and sales forecast accuracy by 42%.

You save time for strategic business development

With the help of communication platforms, 64% of sales and marketers work on resolving complex problems. Only 50% of that experts without using platforms have the same luxury.

Your revenue goes up

$8.71 is the expected average ROI for every dollar spent on this type of platform.
Communication tools can cut operational costs by up to 30%. Aktok platform costs from CA $2 per day, just like a cup of coffee.

Your customers stay with you for the best experience

69% of consumers prefer to use automated communication tools of brands because of their speed. 80% of consumers who have interacted with a chatbot report a positive experience.

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Live Chat and AI⚡chatbots

You could create smart website assistants easily.
Input recognition, flows, buttons, lots of triggers, advanced automations and all of it in our simple, intuitive visual interface.

FREE Live Chat
for your website

For Growth Hack

With the price of a cup of coffee $2 per day!

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Navigate your customers
straight to deals

Automation Lead Generation Pipeline with heat-up, ad, and remarketing campaigns
Zero waste of your client's time with Aktok chatbots and automation
Security and autonomy of your data
Workflows can be customized specifically for your business
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collaboration tools

For teams of up to 50 members
and start-ups
Time, information, and responsibility won't disappear - with one workspace for your team

Boards and task managers

Member chats

Chatbots for departments or even members

Customization services, comprehensive solution implementation,
and project support

We support our users with the wide range of services, including consulting, platform implementation support, integrations, and customizations to your specific needs.

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We also offer turn-key solutions for complex business challenges

Building personalized and unique customer experiences

Cross channel remarketing/heat-up campaigns

Custom chatbot development and integrations

Lead generation and conversion improvement

Sales, marketing, support automation

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