AI Chatbot for

It is so time-consuming to qualify each potential client manually, isn't it? We have built a website assistant for Immigration Agency. Our Conversational AI Chatbot will help your business.

$499 for initial setup

includes implementation support

$49 per month

depending on the numbers of users

Engage the visitors
on your website

Be available

Focus things
that matter

Get more data
about your clients

Generate more leads: Engage each visitor of your website

When a new or returning visitor enters your website, a lead generation chatbot can be trained to proactively approach each visitor of the site, and depending on various conditions, for example, ask the visitor some questions about their goals and their situation or to activate a potential customer the bot can invite "ripe visitors" to schedule a consultation, collect answers to your questionnaires, promote a company newsletter subscription, or whatever you want.

Therefore, say, if you increase conversion to 10% then you could get
10% revenue increase... or in other words, if it helps you to generate 2-3 additional clients per month which is usually result more than $10k of revenue it is more than justifies the small expenses for the bot.

Stop losing clients due to late response

Response times can make or break a sale. A Velocify survey reports that responding within one minute can improve lead conversions by 391%. Responding just one minute later (for a two-minute response time) offers less than half as much improvement at 160%. Our technology allows you to start servicing clients immediately.

Be ahead of your competitors and look innovative with our technology.
24x7 respond immediately to your potential clients.

Save your time: Automate client qualification process

Bots can qualify your sales prospects by asking right questions. We trained the bot to recognize common clients' goals, and created the questionnaires to qualify the clients. As a result, the bot can help to schedule an appointment if the client is qualified, or offer to purchase a consultation. The chatbots automate some parts of your sales process allowing you to focus on things that matter (paying clients).

Be well organized with the help of your robot. Get notifications when an important client needs your attention, avoid distractions for non-paying clients. Depending on business, the sales processes can be automated up to 60-90%.

Stop wasting your money for the marketing that doesn’t bring clients

With our built-in web-analytics system you can track where the clients come from, what they do on your website, and collect data to optimize your ad campaigns, collect information about your website visitors, send conversion events to ad channels like (Google Ads, Facebook, etc.)

Get more data about the sources where your clients coming from and what ads are performing the best

“When marketing expenses are under proper control, the cost of lead usually drops down up to 70%. Healthcare at Home (HCAH) used a Chatbot to reduce their cost per lead by 48% and increase lead conversion rates by 2x.”

Many businesses around are already implementing chatbots in their operations

The stats below tell you more about the growth of the chatbot industry and its adoption in different market sectors worldwide and reveal some of the biggest trends we’re seeing this year.

“By 2024, consumer retail spending via chatbots worldwide will reach $142 billion up from just $2.8 billion in 2019.”

“90% of businesses report large improvements in the speed of complaint resolution.”

“By 2027, chatbots will become the primary customer service channel for roughly a quarter of organization.”

“74% of millennials say that their perception of a brand improves if the company responds to their social media inquiries.”

“82% of companies that use conversational marketing tools say that they are essential elements of their sales and marketing strategy.”

Earn more withAktok

Sell more

Chatbot tells your website visitors about discounts and special offers, gives information about your company, helps to select items from catalog.

Serve customers faster

Virtual assistant answers users’ questions instantly, its available 24/7 and able to have many dialogues simultaneously.

Reduce costs

Setting up a chat once and for all is much cheaper, and more efficient than training an entire staff of managers. Our chatbot works 24/7 with zero days off, even on holidays.

Increase staff efficiency

AI-empowered digital assistant saves managers from routine work and exempts their time for ambitious tasks.



For one user

+ $499

one time setup fee
  • a pre-trained AI-empowered website assistant for an immigration agency
  • installation assistance on your website
  • onboarding support over zoom that includes training of one assigned person
  • 5 hours of our consultants to modify existing chatbot to your unique needs or for custom integrations
  • continuous support and development